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- Contacted Dept for Blind. Turns out they need three to four weeks' advance notice for printing a project as involved as this. At least I know the date to be pushing our pubs team for next year.
- Put price tags on everything I'll be bringing to sell. I had to go out and buy more unpriced tags and sticker them in order to do this; luckily, I did not lose my leftover logo stickers in the basement flood.
- Bought more sticker paper, since I couldn't find what I thought I had left over from last year. I hope I can still retrieve the receipt; I threw it away because I thought it was too late to get reimbursed, but it turns out maybe not?
- Finished remodeling blank pony-form to make Twilight Sparkle for AI charity thing. Her tail is tentatively attached, her mane and bangs are put together and only need to be glued down, and I contacted Klingon-Pony guy to see if he could whip up her eyes and main cutie mark for me on short notice. Spoiler alert: He could! Once she's done, she'll be going into some AI charity thing that I don't remember the details of off the top of my head.
- E-mailed programming head with How To Use A Microphone instructions to forward to all panel hosts. Whether she'll actually do it/has actually done it is anyone's guess.

- Make new Use The Mic signs; starts with printing out new word parts on sticker paper. Stickers printed and cut to size. Now I need to stick them to the foam things and glue the jumbo Popsicle sticks to the back. Done! 25 signs at the ready, and I can make more if needed.
- Bug my immediate convention superior about the Accessibility Policy draft I sent her. Done! Exec has also looked it over, so, with one minor change, it's ready to go live :Db
- Print out copies of ingredients list for all Consweet foods and list of anime shown dubbed vs subbed in large and standard (small?) print. Ditto to as final a version of the Accessibility Policy as I can manage. Ingredients list is only 95% done, but it's as good as I'm gonna get tonight.
- Ask [personal profile] redsixwing if she's okay with her griffin being in the art show. (Pretty please?) Yay, thank you!
- Make sure there'll be time for me to speak in Opening Ceremonies, then write out exactly what I want to say.
- Organize everything that'll be going in the art show vs. staff art table.
- Fill out forms related to staff art table, including inventory list.
- Organize everything I want to bring to the swap meet.
- Make eyelashes and mini stars for Twilight Sparkle.
- Finish cheetah griffin.
- Actually look over program book so I can learn stuff about my own convention.
- the rat cage, so I don't have to do it over the weekend. Done!

Not Going To Happen
- Finding out about ASL interpreters and/or CART services, again.
- Crying in a corner over everything I didn't manage to get done.
- Crying in a corner over not having anyone else in my department.
- Crying in a corner period.
- Printing out more Brain Slug Party forms; my printer is either kaput or need a new power cord, and I don't exactly have the money to replace either. I'm already using my parents' ink to make the Use The Mic signs and other materials.

Setup for AnimeIowa at the hotel starts tomorrow. I'll likely be MIA for much of the weekend, so this is your official heads up.

Date: 2013-07-25 04:09 pm (UTC)
redsixwing: Red-winged angel staring at a distant star. (Default)
From: [personal profile] redsixwing
- Ask [personal profile] redsixwing if she's okay with her griffin being in the art show. (Pretty please?)

Absolutely! ^^;

You've gotten a huge amount done. I hope your weekend is excellent!

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