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For the Accessibility Department this year, I thought it would be cool to have a collection of stim toys and related items for our attendees to use at AnimeIowa. I had a budget of ~$200, and this is what I got:

Dollar Tree:
* 6 small plastic tops with holographic, uh, tops (came as a set)
* 3 puzzles (1 x 50 pcs Rapunzel, 1 x 50 pcs Powerpuff Girls (reboot), 1 x 500 pcs random cool doors)
* Generic Slinkies with holographic sides (4 small, 1 standard size)
* 7 Grown-up coloring books
* Colored pencils (8 x 10 packs, standard colors; 4 x 8 packs, neon colors)
* "Piranha" shaped pencil sharpeners (3 x 2 packs; the only kind available that caught the pencil shavings)

* 5 x Fidget spinners (Note: Turned out to be $1 more than similar, if not identical, product found at Michael's; product at Michael's had less (no) packaging as well)

* 4 x "Magic Sequin" pencil bags, 2 each pink and rainbow, aprx 8" x 6" (You "pet" the sequins against the grain and they change to silver; pet them back to change back to normal. My estimation: Great for visual stimming.)
Note - 2 purchased with my own funds, because they were less expensive than I thought and I might also want to fiddle with them during the year :P

* 10 boink fidgets with marbles
* 3 Twiddle fidgets
* 5 Pop tubes
* 4 Squeeze caterpillars
* 6 Squishy panda charms
* 2 Marble mazes
* 3 Squeeze critters (all pigs for our convention mascot)
Note - I mentioned in the order notes that this stuff was going to be for a con and asked for some business cards to make available; Stimtastic included a stack of probably ~25 cards and a nice hand-written note on the invoice wishing the library project success :) <3

Coming up by me:
* Anime themed grown-up coloring pages

The pop tubes and the twiddle fidgets will be going in the Tabletop Gaming room, since they make noise, and I'm pretty sure I'm going to keep the coloring books and pencils in the Quiet Room. The coloring pages I'm making are going to be in the Quiet Room, Family Programming (I'm 90% sure they've got a coloring table), and probably set out on "promotion" tables. The spinners might go to just the Tabletop room, I'm not sure yet; I'll probably ask for feedback at the next meeting.

I've spent pretty much my entire budget, and I think I'm fairly pleased with the results. It's a small, modest offering, but I'll have more money in the future to build it up further.
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