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Just a small picdump this time. I would've included pictures of Dragon, since it's done, but I ended up not liking any of them :/ He'll be in the next one with Dr. Whooves and PegaCid (and hopefully also wedding cranes).

Mechazawa Beta from Cromartie High School, commissioned by [ profile] franzeillaise. Both his arms and legs are wired, mostly for shape. I was pleasantly surprised by how clean the lines turned out when transitioning from one color to another via front loop crochet; the effect is much neater than I would have expected, which I definitely appreciate. I plan to utilize well it in the future :)

It also helped with his trousers; I was able to close him off at the bottom, giving him a canlike shape and allowing him to remain stuffed without closing the individual trouser legs, and then continue to crochet from the back loop of the stitches I front-loop crocheted as if I hadn't already used half of them.

Nitori from Hourou Musuko, which I have heard is amazingly good and is something I really should get around to watching eventually. Part of a trade with [ profile] princeliness, whose work I have long admired and who apparently also thought the Grimdark!Rose I made was super-legit(!!! :O ♥).

Nitori was lots of fun to make. I loved finally having an excuse to figure out how to make a sailor collar, and she also helped me find a new way to make shoes that will be far less of a headache than my old method 9_9a I'm not as satisfied with her skirt as I might be, but it's as close to what I wanted as I think I can get without about thirty cuts and re-starts.

Anyway, [ profile] princeliness also won my [ profile] fandomaid Help Somalia offer, so Nitori will be going to her new home with a brand new Grimadrk!Rose and full size Pyralspite :)

As far as my other projects go:
* Dr. Whoof and Epic Dragon are done and ready for their photo shoots
* PegaCid has his jacket and scarf finished and his mane and tail attached; I still need to make his face and cutie mark, as well as boots and googles
* Wedding cranes are on my to-do list immediately after PegaCid is finished
* They are to be followed by Time Trial/Constellation epic dragon, who will be gorgeous
* Somewhere in there, either before or after TT/C dragon, will be either something more artsy (I'm hoping for Venus de Milo, though I'd also go for nailing down the pattern on Woman With Plants) or something cute (fruit! with faces!)
* Anything else :P
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