Feb. 11th, 2017

soc_puppet: [Homestuck] God tier "Mind" themed Dreamsheep (Sheep of Mind)
You know what I want? Soulmate AUs with normalized polyamory.

Not just "So-and-so has multiple soulmates/soulmate identifying marks/what-have-you", though definitely those. Really, though, I'm thinking more along the lines of "Dating people other than your soulmate is normal and healthy and caries no particular stigma" that includes continuing to date people who are not your soulmate once you've met your soulmate and potentially gotten together with them.

I mean, just because you've met the person who is supposedly "the one", that doesn't mean you should have to stop seeing the person (or people) you're already seeing. And just because "the one" supposedly exists, that doesn't mean you should never date anyone else. Hell, you don't even have to date "the one" if you meet them; normalizing polyamory would, IMO, better enable people to define what they want their relationship with their soulmate to be.

I dunno, maybe it's just my tendency to stick to my preferred ships in my various fandoms and not read far outside them, but I feel like this is the sort of thing that doesn't get written about a lot? Or even considered much in terms of worldbuilding. And I think it would work pretty well. ((TBH, I'd probably be more interested in reading it in origific, but I still want it to exist. (To be even more honest, I should read more non-OT3 polyamory anyway.))

(Also, I am abnormally tired and honestly don't know how much sense this makes at the moment. Though I do hope it's at least some.)

Anyway. That.

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