Feb. 21st, 2019

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A pair of bicolored jeans

Fusion Jeans progress! I have successfully attached two panels (of four) from the lighter colored jeans to the sides of the darker colored jeans. I also hemmed the bottom of the darker colored jeans, since they were originally much longer.

The resulting jeans fit! They sit quite low on my hips, though, so I'm planning to take the remaining light-colored panels and make a waist extension; I already picked up some jeans buttons from the craft store to finish things out.

Since the light colored panels "migrate" more up front when worn, I also bought a couple of paint stencils to put a design on them. I think if they're more visually interesting, they'll look less... out of place? I may also re-hem the bottoms to even them out, but I don't have as much wiggle room there as I might like, so I may wait and see how the slightly uneven edge looks first.

Anyway, they're mostly done, and currently wearable, but I want to finish out a few things to make them 100%.

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