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Because I have a pig with wings in this set, that's why. Alternately it's Flashback version, since a lot of this stuff go back to stuff I've mentioned or even made before.

This also isn't my best set of photos from a technical standpoint, but whatever, I'll retake stuff later if I have to. Photographing is done for today. I've re-taken all the pictures, and now they look much better, yay! Also, I have finally started making everything the same height instead of the same width. Why the editing program I use "remembers" the previous measurement I used for width rather than height I'm sure I'll never know.


This is my old bank-style piggy with wings slapped on, but I really like how it turned out! Plus, I think that second picture's great. I'll be slipping that into the pattern and shipping it off to be tested :3b

Dolphin 2.0:

Finally recreated this pattern, w00t! Okay, see, here's the thing; on Wednesday, I went out to a couple of stores to talk about potentially maybe possibly selling stuff there perhaps? One store that specializes in locally made goods, and another store that specializes in yarn and yarncraft. I have e-mails to write before I find out one way or another, but that's in motion.

Anyway, the yarncraft store is potentially interested in selling my patterns ♥ If they do, they'll want me to make sample versions of the finished product with their yarn, because selling their stuff is what they want to do, of course. So Mom decided to buy me a skein while I was there! After much deliberation, I picked out some light blue, because I was pretty certain I'd only get one color to work with this time (being as it's about ~$8 USD per skein minimum - I so don't have the funds to be a yarn snob, more's the pity) and I figured re-making the dolphin pattern would be a good thing for one color. It was only after I left and confessed my reasoning that Mom told me she would have bought me another skein or two. (She threatened to turn around and get me more right that moment, but I'd already burned a spoon and a half on talking to people and wanted to go home already please Mom.)

Anyway, I'm planning to share pics of the dolphin, the flying pig, the floppy cats, and my Asian-style dragons as potential things I'd provide patterns for. Perhaps more things, we'll have to see how it goes.

Bottled Octopus:

That octopus is tiny, I am not even kidding. Smaller diameter than a quarter. I ran out of the one color of red finishing the octopus' main body and had to switch to another red for its legs; consequences of using a bunch of second-hand embroidery floss I picked up at Goodwill, I guess. And also miss-estimating the amount of floss required. The last photo here is only to show that the bottle is more cubic than cylindrical. Alas, the store didn't have any cylindrical bottles in that size; only a more beet/heart-shaped one, which really distorted stuff too much.

I love the eyes; while I normally get my plastic eyes at Hobby Lobby, since it has the greatest variety, Jo-Ann's has the smallest safety eyes I've ever seen at 5mm. Practically perfect for itty-bitty crochet projects! I did end up cutting off the end of the stem so the octopus would fit/squish better, and had to learn the hard way to do said cutting after applying the washer. Whoops.

Pikachu Lightbulb:

So at Hobby Lobby, where I typically get my plastic eyes (see above) and also where I got the octopus' bottle and something else I'mma do something with sooner or later, they also have these lightbulb shaped bottles! They are pretty damn nifty, and food safe to boot. I bought one on a whim once, no idea what I was going to do with it until I started thinking about crocheting stuff to put in bottles. Once I picked up the 5mm eyes, though, it hit me like a bolt out of the blue ohohoho see what I did there: I could make a tiny Pikachu, and it would be a self-powering lightbulb!

So that's what I did! Unfortunately, the workmanship on the bottle is such that it visually distorts Pikachu right about where the bulb starts to narrow into the neck. The folks at the last AI meeting still thought it was pretty badass, though.

Pikachu is kept upright/in place by the application of two very strong magnets - "strength 10", according to their packaging - one glued to its butt and the other stuck on the bottom of the bottle to attract the first through the glass. It worked out pretty well, though I am incredibly paranoid about getting it anywhere near electronics or anything else presumably magnetically sensitive. I'd rather take unnecessary precautions than find out too late that I'd ruined something on accident.

Pikachu was a bit of a pain to squeeze into the bottle, and it took some careful application of tweezers to get it shaped right again after I'd done so, but I think the results turned out pretty well in the end.

And that's all for now! Tigerstripe griffin almost made it, but its stripes aren't finished yet. Sigh. Maybe next time - hopefully I'll have a Vodka Mutini then as well ::3

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