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Aside from whatever I'm going to be selling at the Staff Art Table, at any rate. Cutting descriptions for length, not because I have any previews :P

I'm designing my own graphic for a "This is the Accessibility Help Line! Get in this line (which will hopefully be either short or nonexistent at most times) for help with Accessibility things!" sign. I've got my fingers crossed that it'll help reduce confusion in the registration line this year. My current scribble has chibis Toph, Teo, and Korra from the ATLA/ATLOK universe, since I feel like together they pretty well represent the community I want to serve.

I'm afraid I'm not as on top of the Toph demographic as I'd like, but I feel like I'm doing okay with the Teo and Korra demographics, and I've got a whole two minions this year to help me out with areas I'm having trouble covering :) Back to the art, the three of them are going in the same direction, and Toph is "reading" a standard copy of our program book (held upside-down; the current version has a word bubble with her complimenting the artwork which I'll probably remove for the final one).

If I really get my act together, we might have Braille program books this year. ...And if Publications also has their act together. Maybe I should also aim to get some back issues of the program book done up, just in case. Actually, that sounds like a pretty good idea...

I'm also designing the flyer for the charity auction. Since the auction this year is to benefit a local food rescue program (Table to Table, hereafter referred to as T2T) that I suggested, my dad volunteers with, and I've taken a trip or two to help out with when someone was unavailable, it seemed like a natural fit, lol - especially when the Charities department head saw my sketch for the Accessibility sign.

It's only got a basic design outline at the moment, but it goes something like this: Unspecified food place on the left; food-prep anime characters are taking boxes/food items from the back and handing them to T2T volunteers (represented by the AI mascot, the aforementioned Charities head, and a fellow staffer who is also staff for T2T) who load them onto a T2T van in the middle of the picture. From there, more T2T volunteers unload the food to the back door of a building labeled "Food Bank"; I'm pretty sure I can come up with a few characters to staff the food bank, though I can't think of any off the top of my head - possibly Marimite characters? Among others. Lining up at the front door are canonically poor and/or homeless anime and manga characters.

Current chef characters planned are Azuma Kazuma from Yakitate! Japan and Ukyo Kuonji from Ranma 1/2. Current food bank recipient characters include Tohru Honda from Fruits Basket, Haruhi Fujioka from Ouran High School Host Club, and the three main characters from Tokyo Godfathers. The layout is going to be a little tricky, but I think it communicates what T2T does reasonably well, while also appealing to anime fans.

Bleh; that's a little more wall-of-text-y than I'd like, but it's late (for me) and I'm opening tomorrow, so I'm going to let it go. Feedback and suggestions welcome! Nevermind; obsessive re-reading and editing strikes again ^^a

Date: 2017-04-25 02:25 pm (UTC)
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This sounds awesome. ^^ Good luck!

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