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Companion to this post, about which homonym to use when.

Time for some tips for remembering which homonym is which! I will try to provide one for all words involved, but will make sure to provide one for at least one of the words in ever pair, or two for every trio. ...I may have definitely stretched for a few of them.


Peek: More fun to remember in lowercase. See those two little 'E's? Don't they look like someone peeking over something?

Peak: Easier to remember in all caps. Just look at that A! It's so tall and pointy, like the peAk of a mountain!

Pique (verb, second definition): Wow, that Q sure is interesting! It certainly got my attention!


Phase: Phases are transitional; they change a whole lot. Like, normally 'p' and 'h' have very distinct sounds, but when you put them together, they change into a new sound. It's like they're going through some sort of phase...

Faze: It's got the 'z' from dizzy in it.


All in "due" time vs. all in "do" time:

Due here is talking about the time which someone is due, as in owed. You've got to pay time to finish this task, or it won't get finished. Similar to "Rome wasn't built in a day".


"Per se" vs. "Per say". Uh. This one I'm having trouble with. Just remember that it's not always referring to something someone said, so it wouldn't necessarily be per their say.


Breathe has two "e"s, so it should sound like breeeeeethe.


Wonder: When something is wonderful, it's like it fills you with daydreams and beautiful imaginings; it's full of things that make you wonder.

Wander: We're hauling A and going all over the place.


Defiant: For when you defy something or someone.

Definite: For something defined. If you are darn sure of something, like you know the definition, you're definite about it.


Wanton: Something full of want

Wonton: Those two "o"s look like dumplings!


Ball - While I'm sure you can play ball by yourself, or go to a ball by yourself, L finds it's really much more fun with another L.

Bawl - See that "w" in there? That's for "weeping". Or going "wah wah wah!" Sad word :(


Pscych: A mind trick. Psychiatrist? Someone who works with people's brains. Psychic? Someone who does weird things with their brain. Brain stuff! Fool someone's brain.

Sike: To my surprise is actually a word! So, unlike pscych, sike is really short and quick, like a fast-running stream.


"Might as well" - Well, you might do something. Or you might do something else. If it doesn't really matter which, then you might as well do one as the other.


Slight - The smaller version, for smaller things.

Sleight - Woah, did you see how that "e" slipped in there and changed the entire meaning of the word? How sneaky, how crafty, how skillful!


Complementary: Extra "e"s to go with your free item!

Complimentary: All about what I think about you, and it is nothing but good things, darling!


Discreet: Here, the "t" waited until the end, so it would be less noticeable

Discrete: In this one, the "t" stepped up and separated the two "e"s.


Bullion: Like bulls and lions, not something you want to be hit with!

Bouillon: I feel like the original actually covered this pretty well with the etymology: "Stock, from the French 'bouiller,' to boil"


Shutters are something that you can shut; therefore, shutters.



Etymology vs Entomology:

The first part of entomology, the study of bugs (and other similar creatures), sounds like "ant".

Folks are more than welcome to share their own in the comments, if you have any :)

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