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Just finished Kero-chan's new background, and two other coloring pages: The stylized letters AI with Buu-chan (our mascot) holding a bunch of balloons, and Piplup contemplating a bunch of bubbles ("Calm Mind"). No crappy phone pic previews this time 'cuz it's late, but I'm reasonably pleased with them. Piplup's is not quite as good as I would like it, but I mostly drew that one on request, so :P

Since I've got a grass starter and a water starter, I'm planning to draw a fire-type starter as well to round things out. My current plan is Cyndaquil being surprised by a ghost-type (Ghastly, maybe?) so its fire-quills are lit up. I'll be calling it "Astonish", to keep with my theme of attack and ability names :3

After that, I'll probably try to come up with a few more non-Pokemon options. Kyubei from Madoka is a possibility; really, cute animal-ish companions make pretty good models in general.

Honestly, I already have more pages than I was expecting to; I'm up to six done, with plans for one more at the very least. If I get up to twelve, I may make books of them available for sale at the Staff Art Table :3

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