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Me prior to Stormy Weather 2: You know what a fun fic idea would be? Nathalie as a fragment of Emilie created by the Peacock Miraculous malfunctioning/breaking, and fixing it would fuse them back together and wake Emilie up.

Me after Stormy Weather 2: You know what a fun fic idea would be? Nathalie figuring out that Gabriel is a huge douchebag who's willing to put the entire planet at risk to revive his wife, so she goes to find Ladybug and Cat Noir, confesses everything, and all of them work together to lock Gabriel up and retrieve the stolen Miraculouses and related items; at the end, Nathalie formally adopts Adrien. Optional: With Master Fu's help, they figure out how to revive Emilie, Emilie and Nathalie start dating, and Adrien ends up with two moms.

(I still like my first idea, but egads was Stormy Weather 2 badly written and executed.)

Date: 2019-02-18 10:08 pm (UTC)
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