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I finished him! And am quite proud of him, too :3b He was delivered to his delighted new owner on Sunday, at which point I collected my money, as well as the "Who do I make next?" answer. (Said answer is PegaCid. Yes, we decided that wings were definitely going to be a Thing. And yes, the fact that they are frequently shipped together also influenced the decision. I'll have to see if I can't get a picture of them together when Cid's done. Ooo, maybe I can crochet an extra feather as well, hit up one of the FiM fic pega-shipping tropes ♥ :D ...Okay, I'm done with the terrible pegasus puns now, really.)

Picture time!

Vincent!Pony, decked out in all of his glorious accessories :Dbb Everything is removable even, which leads us to...

Naked!Vincent!Pony :DDD Technically his hair dealie is removable as well, it's just a pain to get his hair to look right after removing it/putting it back on.

On his butt is the symbol of chaos, with credit to [personal profile] redsixwing for the suggestion ♥ It's not exactly like the picture - the arrows are a lot thicker - but I think it worked out really well. Plus, it looks really cool :)b

Vincent!Pony's accessories! I am so ridiculously proud of his cape and his claw-thing, y'all have no idea. I mean, technically, the ragged ends on his cape are a smidge more regular than they ought to be, but it's not like anyone'll complain. The fancy rear horseshoes I'm slightly less pleased with, if only because the separate rings didn't show quite as well as I wanted them to, but they still look pretty damn good. The claw was both more fun and less difficult than I had anticipated, which I really appreciated :3b

Next on the crochet agenda, in no particular order:
* Mechazawa Beta
* A new Perry the Platypus, with a side-order of re-vamping the hell out of my first pattern. Seriously, that thing is a mess. I'm surprised so many people were even able to use it!
* PegaCid, as mentioned
* Way too many mini-Squiddles
* Full size Lemonsnout?
* Medium size scalemate?
* CHARITY STUFF - oh gosh that total has gotten so high @_@ That's a personal fundraising record, right there. Jebus.
* Venus de Milo, Scream, Thinker, second Woman With Plant(s) to possibly sell at high-end art gallery (still somewhat blown away by that being a possibility) - definitely writing all the patterns down

And looking into Etsy store details can probably fit between projects somehow.

Anywho, back to the hook! ...Or procrastinating, whichever.
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