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[Content Note: Racism, white privilege]

I used to be annoyed by songs where the artist would announce their name at the beginning; then I thought about the types of songs and the artists I usually associated with that, and now I’m okay with it, but I have a deep loathing for a culture where artists of color don’t get credit for their work.
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When I get home today, I am going straight to bed and sleeping for twelve hours. ...And then going in to work tomorrow, because sob sob sob my liiiiiiiife T-T
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Currently weeding out my manga collection, trying to decide what stays, what gets sold, and what gets donated to AI for volunteer prizes.

These are the hard questions )

*sigh* It's hard cleaning out a personal library. I may put up a post seeking new homes for some of these, but I might also just take them to Half Price Books and be done with it, instead.
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[CONTENT NOTE: Discussion of all sorts of -isms and marginalizations]

Immediately after my previous post, I started wondering to myself: What sort of unique problems might a superhero of color face? After coming up with a few, I started asking myself about other marginalized groups: LGBTQIA folks, women, PWD, and people in lower income brackets were the ones that came to my mind, though that's far from a comprehensive list, I'm sure. After a little bit more thought, I started wondering what answers other people might be able to come up with, what insights they - YOU, really - could share: How many things am I missing due to my own privilege and having been raised in a kyriarchy?

In the hopes of inviting respectful discussion and observation, I decided to open a post on the subject. I hope this will generate more thought on the topic, on how intersecting identities, secret or not, will affect their life experiences in and out of costume, and ultimately that it will inspire more people to incorporate these issues directly into superhero-related media. In that light, I'd like to invite you to link this around, since the more exposure it gets, the more discussion and thinking it's likely to generate.

Note that while being respectful is required, being polite is not; I won't be here all the time, but I'll do my best to shut down any trolls as I become aware of them (knock on wood). Meta issues are welcome, but please preface them with the word "meta" in brackets and all caps like so: [META]. Thanks in advance for your cooperation, less than three!

I'll get us started here... )
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So my roommate J is back from seeing her family/hometown friends over American Thanksgiving. And she wanted to tell me some funny stories about it! (I, on the other hand, never left the area, and just didn't tell any stories on the internet, like a champion. Let's go play the Not Update Game! Anyhow, back on topic.)

Cut for stories, length, rant [TW on one of the stories for homophobia/transphobia] )

In the end, I suppose that I'm just not interested in a lot of things she wants to talk about that she thinks I would be interested in, and I just feel like saying something more when she's being offensive.

...While I'm at it, Privilege Is: Being able to let her walk away from a conversation like that. Which I guess I will be confronting tomorrow, but privilege still allows me to do so at a later time, rather than lay awake for hours upon hours, worrying what she would say about me if she unexpectedly saw me dressing in drag about town or something. Now I guess I just need to figure out what exactly to say/how to approach this =_=
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For those of you looking forward to it, I am happy to announce that I now have a guest post up on Shakesville about that horrendous female character flowchart from last week. It can be found here: The Solution Is Obviously to Write No More Female Characters at All

It's got a number of great links of its own, and is almost certain to have some great commentary. It may even help spread the issue a bit more (hope, hope).

On a somewhat related note, Privilege Is: Being able to walk down two flights of stairs and one block uphill to a public facility to use the restroom, and back, when the water is turned off for maintenance in one's apartment.

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