Jul. 18th, 2013

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Bad life choices: Starting a 100k fic right before arbitrary bedtime. It's been at least three hours, and I'm not quite half way through it, but I'm having trouble making myself stop because mystery!

Crafting party today, by which I mean I went over to Steve the Chain Mail Guy's house to crochet while he did chain mail stuff and Jody who made the violin thing was also visiting and crocheting. I ended up making one-and-a-half of my new mini-pigs (really fantastic new pattern of mine that's done in a single length of yarn - no extra pieces or sewing what-so-ever!) and a regular sized saddleback pig. After I'd finished saddleback!piggy, Steve decided that it needed a nose ring. And then that the mini pig needed a nose ring. And then that I should make another pig so he could give it a nose ring. (I'm out of eyes in the appropriate size, which is why it's not finished yet, but it's done enough to have a nose ring.) There was much amusement had by all.

Tiny piggies are adorable, BTW. I need to think of one more thing I can make in that size, and then I can sell it and a pig and an ear of corn together at a slight discount as the Iowa Dinner Special.

AnimeIowa is right around the corner, and I promised I'd make something for the charity auctions, so I need to get off my buns and do that. I've got a finished blank pony form of the right color that I'm not doing anything else with, so I think I'm going to make it into Twilight Sparkle. It's gonna need a nose job, but honestly, that's waaaaay less work than making an entire new pony. Only canon compliant through season two, but whatever. I'll probably be contacting one of my fellow staffers to see about eyes and the main part of the cutie mark. You know, the Klingon!pony guy? (I should totally link some of this stuff I'm referencing, but again, it's like three hours after I meant to be asleep. And yet I still can't stop reading that fic! *fistshake*)

I also need to finalize what I can for our potential Accessibility Policy. Once that's done, I'll send it off to my, hrm. Manager? We have con-specific terms, it's annoying. Anyway, I'll send it to her, and once she okays it I'll send it to the execs. Once they okay it, I'll talk to our webmaster about getting it on the convention site. I also need to track down contact info for the Department for the Blind and find out if we still have enough time for them to print some stuff out for us in Braille (urk, I'm so horribly late!).

Welp, I'm out of coherent, and also possibly things to say. I'm going to attempt to find a place I can manage to stop reading in the fic of doom, and then, with any luck, sleep.

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