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Hello! I am back from Texas. I have actually been back from Texas since veeeeery early Saturday morning (and I know from early mornings), but I have been lax about posting.

(Ironically, this trip to Texas was less stressful for me than the one that was actually a vacation that I took in November. I'm guessing it's a combination of actually being on my meds now, and also not having to rush back before the rest of my family for a huge holiday bake sale.)

Going to rec a few things before I go to sleep tonight, and then share some big news.

For all my fellow fans of femslash/yuri/stories about girls who are into girls, I recommend the following:

* Carmilla, the original video series on YouTube; it's inspired by J. Sheridan Le Fanu's Novella of the same name, and is just amazing. The first season is complete, and I watched it last night with Steve the chainmail guy at his regular crafting get-together; there are thirty-six episodes in season one, but they're all really short (two to six minutes long), so you can get through it in a matter of a few hours. Totally worth it! Link to the first episode. (The second season has just aired its fourth episode, but I'm holding off on watching until the entire thing is out. Or I am for now, at least. We'll see how long I last.)

* Cute Demon Crashers, an ultra short dating sim with a focus on consent and comfort, and a no-sex ending as an option! It is super duper cute, with a female main character, and while three of the four potential "love interests" are dudes, one is definitely a lady. The game is technically unfinished, having only two routes completed (plus the no-sex ending), but one of them is for the lady, so! I'm counting it. The art is perfect, the writing is fantastic, the music is lovely, and you have the option to stop the sexy times at any point with no negative consequences. Learn more over here.

* Shira Glassman's Mangoverse! I've already reviewed the first book in the series, The Second Mango, here, and there are currently three books out, plus a couple of short stories. BONUS: This month, the electronic version of all of these books (plus more!) are ON SALE at the publisher's website! Simply use the coupon code PRIDE2015 during checkout to drop the price of these already very affordable books into downright amazing territory - $3.37 USD for the first and third books, slightly more for the second, slightly less for the short stories. BUT WAIT, THERE'S MORE: In honor of a homeless teenaged trans guy in the third book, A Harvest of Ripe Figs, Shira is donating all of her first and second quarter royalties from it to Casa Ruby (a shelter for homeless trans youth) and Trans Lifeline (a trans-specific crisis hotline, staffed entirely by trans people). If you like femslash, lady friendships, and dragons, this is definitely the series for you. This is also the series for you if you are interested in Jewish characters with absolutely no danger of antisemitism, happy endings for all LGBTQIAP+ characters, characters with food allergies (the main character is gluten intolerant and also can't have poultry), and positively depicted fat characters with no dieting or shaming narratives. There are way more reasons this is totally the series for you, but if I keep listing them, I'll be up all night, and I have to open tomorrow. Learn more about how to buy these books and possibly others right over here, at the author's Tumblr. (Also check out her tags for more art of all the characters!)

Okay, recs done. Time for big news! )

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