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Sep. 30th, 2016 09:05 pm
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This is an absolutely amazing essay: The Legend of Korra: Deliberately Deconstructed (Note: Some moving gifs at the link)

I'm not even half-way through it yet, and I'm already a little in love with it. It's a thorough examination of the characterization, plot structure, and social dynamics of the series, with acknowledgement of real world effects (Korra doesn't exist in a void) and contrasting elements from AtLA. It's pulling a lot of things into new - good, important - perspective for me, and for fans of the show(s), it is definitely worth a read.

Edit: Okay, I've finished reading it, and am going to be reblogging it in a bit, but first! There's a lot of images in it, and I'm going to be providing image descriptions here.

Image descriptions from the above essay found below. )
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I've been playing catchup on Korra because of the series finale spoilers (still squeeing over that, and I doubt I'll stop any time soon). Book Two I already had, I just needed to watch the last three episodes; managed that in short order. Book Three I picked on the 26th; I hinted for it for Xmas, but the store we visited while I did my hinting didn't have it on DVD at the time. (Also, that was before the spoiler, so I only wanted to have it, I didn't desperately need it.) It's cool, I got it in short enough order, and I made my way through to the end last night. Book Four I've been relying on for. I started almost as soon as I finished Book Three last night, and just made it through the seventh episode - only now I can't find episode eight.

Dammit, I just wanna see [SPOILER] [happen]! Nick says Book Four is gonna be up through January, so where are episodes eight and nine!

Serious sadface is going on here. The saddest of faces. So sad, so facey.

Edit: Welp, it now appears that the entirety of Book Four is off the website. Currently there's two episodes of Book One up - episodes three and five. Maybe the announcement I saw meant until January and I was too distracted by actual Book Four to read it correctly? I'm still disappointed, though. I don't want to resort to piracy just to see myself represented (in one of my favorite franchises, no less), but I also hate iTunes and don't exactly feel like giving Amazon more money than I already do, so.
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I haven't posted about Korra here for a while, and that's mostly been because I haven't been keeping up with it really well. There's been various reasons for that, my schedule among them, but possibly chief among them is that I didn't feel that excited about it after the first season.

Then, everything changed when the Fire Nation attacked I found out about the endgame ship.

SPOILERS for the ending of The Legend of Korra )
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So season two of The Legend of Korra (did they drop the "Avatar" part?) came out on DVD a little while ago, which means I'm finally watching it! I saw the first four episodes tonight, and plan to watch more in the near future. Once I'm done with that, I'm on to the new season, which I am aware actually started last week. That's probably the only reason season two is out on DVD in the first place.

Anyway, I'm hoping to avoid spoilers for the most part, but after seasons one and two, I do want to get this question answered. Has season three started out with Korra being manipulated by a power-hungry man for his own gains? Or can we tell yet? Because this is some serious bullshit, and if Korra hasn't learned to recognize this by season three, I will be very disappoint. Mostly because the writers haven't come up with a new plot yet, and I am already very tired of seeing an awesome young woman being taken advantage of by men.
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Cut for spoilers )

More thoughts possibly to be added as I recall them.
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Before the season finale airs tomorrow and, I'm sure, changes everything: let's do this shit.

My thoughts on the Korra/Mako/Asami thing (spoilers through ATLOK 1x10 and all of ATLA )
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Getting this in quick, 'cuz I haven't been sleeping well and would like to at least attempt to take a nap.

Cut for spoilers )

Thaaaaaat's all I can think of just now. Uh. More in comments if we get discussin'?


Apr. 14th, 2012 11:30 am
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Eeeeee, Korra!

[Content Note for brief mention of incest shipping]

Spoilers! )

I am 100% looking forward to next Saturday's episode!

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