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Treats for lurkers! And non-lurkers, whatever.

Anyway, some of you may remember that steampunk-ish story I keep talking about from time to time. I've had a few scribbles of various Steampunk Vet Outpatients saved up, so I thought I'd share them :) Uh, possible [Trigger Warning] for animals who have completely recovered from severe harm?

Steampunk Vet Outpatients )

And now for something completely different (with no trigger warning, even):

Unfinished Business )

Anyway, I guess that's it for now, or at least until I get the vargouille pattern up :) I hope you all enjoy the rest of Lurker Day, however much of it is left for you ♥ And every day, really ;)
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Oh holy fuck MSPA updated O_O Oh holy fuck did it ever update. W-wow.

Cut for spoilers )

I've got it downloaded and can upload, uh, somewhere if anyone has trouble accessing the update via the site or the mirror.


Steampunk-y stuff:

Overcoming the Noble Savage & the Sexy Squaw: Native Steampunk
Very nifty article. Found in Shakesville's Wednesday Blogaround this week. I totally need to dig into the extra links when I'm in a research-y mood.

I also finally got around to ordering/sending the money in for those four copies of Steam Powered last Wednesday/also kinda two Tuesdays ago, so uh. I should get around to organizing that :|a

For anyone who's interested in that Steampunk story I've been planning for a while now, I finally got a couple of my (very initial) sketches scanned. I'm only sharing one at the moment, though: Adorable animal companion

Very, very not finalized; for one thing, I need to decide whether I actually want my steampunk tech to actually look even vaguely functional ^^a It's also chibified, which influences its design to a certain degree. I think it looks pretty cute though, all in all :3b

Okay, wow.

Oct. 4th, 2010 12:23 am
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So I've been kinda scanning online for steampunk references, so I can draw the stuff better. In particular, I've been hoping to find limbs and such, so I can have a starting point for animal replacement parts (partial backstory here). I'd been using Good Search, which has fewer results than Google but has a similar page setup to Google's old one; Google's new image search page is a little overload-y for me, I'm afraid :/ Anyway, I wasn't having much luck, but when I finally gave in and switched back to Google? I managed to find this.

May I just say: Wow ♥_♥

There's more still images of various animals over here, and I can already tell I'm going to be getting far too close to the screen to use these as references.

The stuff on this page is pretty gorgeous, too. [Warning for bugs?]

Anyway, I'm off to search for more results. (Although - it's a bit of a longshot, but I don't suppose any of you know of a website or similar where one could put clockwork pieces together and see how they work, that sort of thing? This project is a total nerdsnipe for me >_<)

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