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[Content Note: Transphobia, self-harm]

Here are some things I've been planning to change and/or address since my last post on Wolf Witch. Cut for spoilers.

Wolf Witch planning )
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Scribble time! Or, well, somewhat more sophisticated than a scribble. An actual drawing, if you will. Working costume design/partial character design for Ruby for the trans* magical girl story that I am still working on, I promise!

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I really need a title for this story. I'll add it to the list of things that need names.

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[Content Note: Possible trans*phobia/cis-sexism]

You may remember about a year back when I basically dumped a bunch of fic summaries in a post? And there was the one Teen Wolf fic that had a magical girl plot and I said I was thinking about scrubbing the serial numbers off and making it an original story? Yeah. That's gonna happen.

Except there's some things I need to take care of first, because scrubbing the serial numbers off of something is easier said than done. Right now I'm rounding up the stuff I know about the story and the stuff I know I need to work on and/or need input on. Concrit and other input is incredibly welcome, especially about negative tropes I may not be aware that I'm including.

Details below the cut: Story time! )

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