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And Tentacular is up on [ profile] takoyaoi_love at last! ...It also got a random anonymous hate-comment within the first ten minutes of posting, which was replied to and quickly deleted. Which means that the anonymous person will probably never see my reply to him/her, but whatever. I think they may have found it through that one site that posts LJ pictures places, 'cuz I can't think of where they may have come from otherwise. At least, I'm not seeing any more hate comments at the 'comm at the moment, though it could be due to ninja deletion. So, I dunno, people at the 'comm, if you're reading this, keep an eye out? Heads up? Something.

...I'm positive I had more to say, but I think that shook me up more than I thought it did at first. Hmm. Um.

I know! Rats! I am now incredibly charmed by them ^___^ (This is largely thanks to this site.) I'm in the process of cleaning my room, so I can get two and keep them there. ...Names somewhat fail me at the moment, which is unlike either rabbits or mice. Naming them after the bubounic plague would be sick and twisted, and Anne and Mia probably wouldn't be much better, considering the reference I'd be making. Maybe I should name them after female psychiatrists/psychologists. Yeah, that would be cool. I just need to look some up first. *fails at life*

Dad is somewhat wary of me getting rats, it appears, which made me a little wary of actually getting them. At this, Tomas suggested we get a frog; Mom disagreed, saying I should get what I want, and that Dad wouldn't be taking care of them either way. I thought she had a point, so that's what I'll be doing. (It seems Mom can read Dad better than I can, since he was putting up a pretty good front of "I don't want your mom to have an allergy attack because you get furry pets." Though even at the time I was fairly certain that Mom would have a better idea of what would give her an attack than he would. You know, as an experience sort of thing.) I will be attacking my room in hopes of cleaning it with getting rats in mind.

...I don't suppose anyone around here knows of a good rat breeder? No? Didn't think so.
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Let's get the KH stuff out of the way first, 'kay?

So. Apparently they're doing a remake of Chain of Memories for the PS2, which is coming out in 2007 in Japan. There's also going to be a KH2 Final Mix, as there was with KH. And they aren't coming to the US. In response to this, some cool people are suggesting we write the company some letters/e-mails/what-have-you, and providing addresses and potentially important details we might want to include. This is something some of us might want to look into, yes? I know I'll probably want to compose something within the next few days.

In regards to pets, Dad was dragging his feet re: small furry creatures, but seemed receptive to the idea of a fish tank downstairs where we could keep the pond fish over the winter. Or just in general. (I'll have to look up things like tank dimensions and so forth.) He seemed more amiable to small furry things when Tomas said he wouldn't mind taking care of them should I be gone for some amount of time (say, a weekend trip or something)--though what will happen if we're both gone, I have no idea yet. 'Specially if it's for something like Anime Iowa, when most of my in town friends will also be gone/busy. (On the other hand, considering where AI will be held next year, I could probably stop at home to take care of the furry things should I need/want to.)

Tentacular is moving right along, and the first (and possibly only) story should be done within the week. The penultimate panel is going to have some ConTent right in the background (though all of the 'important' stuff will be blocked out in the final version, I'm thinking of scanning an 'uncensored' version and putting up a link to it ^_~). I also spent something like an hour and a half detailing Kukomi A&P, with a few extra notes on culture and habitat. Should there be interest, I'll probably post it on the comm; otherwise, it's likely to just stay on my LJ. Also, I finally found the emoticon! Turns out it needs a colon between the ko and the mi, but I was otherwise correct ^_^ It can be seen here, in section four. ...Though if I'm misreading the last character, plz to let me know.

...It also amuses me that the first sex scene I ever drew would involve tentacles. Go figure.
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Coming soon to a LiveJournal Community* near you... Tentacular! )
*Specifically, [ profile] takoyaoi_love

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