Oct. 2nd, 2012 09:30 pm
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1) Further adventures in Homestuck RPS (AKA Quire rehearsals) )

2) New interests )

3) The NaNo Question )

4) I'm trying stimulants! Er, as of tomorrow morning. For my ADHD. Yes. Let us see what happens.
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And now I am officially giving the Quire its own tag, because this is kinda ridiculous.

The director was wearing green this week but still bears an uncanny resemblance to Dave Strider (link for those not familiar with Homestuck), so it clearly wasn't just the color. I can't believe I managed to convince myself I was exaggerating the resemblance before I got there this evening, because it is just mind boggling. I am totes going to track down a good (hopefully canon) picture of Dave, print it out, and get a picture of our director holding it, because I WILL NOT SUFFER(???) ALONE. On the plus side, it was somehow much less distracting this rehearsal, so there is that.

He did also dance for a few seconds this rehearsal, but I didn't get my camera ready on time to catch it, boo :/ I'll be working on that.

Anyway, fun part of rehearsal!

We were singing "Merry Christmas Darling" (which, yes, lots of fun to be had with the title alone) and got to the part about the logs on the fire. The line specifically goes: "The logs on the fire fill me with desire!" with lots of emphasis, and then almost as an afterthought add "To see you and to say," which is also good for much laughter.

Director: You know the writer meant to include that line exactly, because why else would they break the melody up so sharply there?
Quire: *murmurs of assent and light laughter*
Soprano C: Well, you know, it's all about the wood, right?

The entire Quire and the director proceeded to crack the fuck up for a couple minutes. Just when we were finally winding down, New Soprano R broke in with, "Oh! Now I get it!" which just set us all off again.

So yes. It was quite fun. Honestly, we should be taping these rehearsals for posterity or something.
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So Quire started tonight. We've got a new director; his husband subbed for us a couple times last year, and he teaches choir to Jr. High kids (which, honestly, is about the right maturity level for us).

He also bears a remarkable physical resemblance to a grown-up Dave Strider. I spend most of Quire with a 8[ look on my face due to desperately trying not to think about shipping or explicit slash fics I've written or how his husband is a brunet and does he have blue eyes? I can't remember, I'll have to check, and oh God I hope I don't call him Dave accidentally. (It probably didn't help that he was wearing red today.)

And I just. Yeah. Had to tell the internet as soon as I got home. Help me! I don't know if I can do this!

...On the plus side, he also exhibited some extremely goofy dancing, so I plan to bring my camera next time in hopes of catching it on the digital equivalent of film. Here's hoping!
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1. Solar flare! Being as I'm in range for potential low-altitude auroras, I'm currently debating whether I want to take the car out in the middle of the night and drive out to the land of Minimum Light Pollution to potentially view the northern lights in their hypothetical full glory, or if I just want to try and remember to take a walk outside instead.

Going out:
Possibly prettier!
I get to see the Milky Way, too!
Experience of a lifetime: enhanced?

Staying in:
Better fuel economy
Less work

Decisions, decisions...

2. Last Saturday was Quire Cabaret! See how punctual I am in writing about it? More details )

Gluten-free Peanut Butter Cookie recipe )

3. I slapped some more Dreamsheep icons together and threw them up here at [community profile] dreamsheep. There's some more Adventure Time sheep, some Homestuck god-tier sheep, and a few Pokéball sheep. I'm about done with Adventure Time sheep for now, though there's definitely more Homestuck and Pokémon sheep on the way eventually.


Sep. 12th, 2011 01:01 am
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Crochet progress!
1) Mechazawa Beta is finished! Just need to get mailing info and he's outta here :3b
2) Second Large Pyralspite is almost finished! It just needs eyes. I estimated the time it'd take about perfectly, too, which pleases me greatly.
3) Second Grimdark Rose, on the other hand, is only just barely started. She has a head, and I'm about three rows into her torso. Or maybe more like two; I'mma hafta double-check one of 'em, make sure my count's not off.
4) No (further) work has been done on anything else 8Db

Some observations:
* I am never using Caron 1 LB yarn again if I can help it. After I use up all that I already have, that is, which probably still amounts to a good three pounds >_< It is way too stiff for my liking. Though it does hold its shape nicely as a result, I still prefer something softer.
* The Magic Knight Rayearth anime is waaaaay different from the manga. While it's possible that it's a "It's the first one I was exposed to" bias, I definitely prefer the manga in almost all respects. It could also be my threesome/poly bias. Goddammit, Ohkawa-sensei! *fistshake* Or wait, maybe I should blame the director? Hmm; more research may be in order. I will admit it had some hilariously soap-opera-esque elements going for it, though. Evil clones! Secret identical twins! Love triangles! Memory problems! Surprise relatives! Dramadramadramadrama! If there isn't a drinking game yet, there totes needs to be.
* I don't know what to "watch" next, argh! Do I go for something I know I'll be satisfied by the ending of, or do I take a chance on something new? And do I stick to dubs/OEL stuff, or do I go for something I'll have to watch more actively (thus likely drawing out my crochet projects longer)? Decisions, decisions...

In other news, it's Quire season again! Quire, for those as yet unaware/who have forgotten/haven't noticed/wev, is the local LGBT(QIA) chorus of which I am a member. We've got a new accompanist, who seems really cool, and are currently between directors, which makes things a bit more complicated. And by "a bit" I mean "a lot" :/ At least that extra amigurumi cat has now found a new home with one of the sopranos (and an extra $15 in my pocket as a side benefit ♥).

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